jeudi 20 décembre 2007

Mon psy Fessebouc

You know Facebook ?
Masi si, le site en ligne sur lequel tous vos collègues passent leurs journées à se poker.

Eh bien Facebook fait dans le psy...Picture Personality. On choisit pour chaque question (qu'est ce que pour vous le succès ultime / le plus grand moment de bonheur / la chose la plus belle...) et on choisit l'image qui nous correspond le plus.
Et je dois dire que ce n'est pas si éloigné de la réalité que ça. Ca peut s'adapter à 90% de la population féminine parisienne. Mais ça me plaît de penser qu'ils ont tout bon. Mon côté Télé 7 Jeux quoi.




When you wake up in the morning, you set out to impress and to make a lasting impression on those who you encounter. You surround yourself with all the right people and right things - making you a real trendsetter. Others admire and want to be just like you. Second best will not do - it's the best (and only the best) for you. You are attentive to detail in yourself, your surroundings and your social circle.



Sophisticated, glamorous and experienced. You love everything that is new, fashionable and in vogue. Others admire you, but can't always relate to you since you are a real diamond in the ruff. You like to be two steps ahead of everyone else when it comes to the latest and greatest trends. It could take your counterparts years to adopt your current trends. You just seem to know what's "hot" before everyone else does.



You are easily stressed out and overwhelmed - you need to take care of yourself first and foremost. Because you tend to be self reflective, you know your limits quite well and must remember to not exceed those limits. When you overwhelm your life with obligations and responsibilities, you tend to shut down and go into yourself even further. Take some time to find your serenity and kick back your feet.



You are a cuddle bug - from a warm hug shared with your best friend to steamy sex with your partner, you enjoy every bit of human contact that you can get. You demonstrate your love for others most fluidly through physical one-on-one contact and you feel the most loved when you are being touched. You feel disconnected when you are physically isolated from others. You're a people person and a lover of all things human.

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